Bryan Kainrath, MBA
Chief Growth Officer

As the Chief Growth Officer (CGO), Bryan leads the firm’s growth and innovative efforts in the commercial, education, non-profit, and mission critical sectors.

As a respected authority and leader in the workforce development industry, Bryan has expertise in helping organizations succeed through business growth and startup strategies, professional credentialing, learning ecosystems and workforce development.

Prior to GSX, Bryan served for 14 years as a vice president of products and operations for one of the IT industry’s top trade associations where he was directly responsible for doubling the annual revenue. He is also credited for developing and bringing to market several successful certification programs and for starting the association’s first continuing education program. Bryan fostered the idea for, set up, and ran a wholly owned for-profit consulting subsidiary of the association that leveraged its expertise to help others develop credential programs. He was key in developing the rapid republication model used by the industry to help thwart cheat sites and was one of the founders of the IT Certification Council (ITCC).

Bryan holds a Bachelor of B.B.A in Business and Economics from Benedictine University and a M.B.A degree from Northern Illinois University.

  • Bryan enjoys spending time with his family.
  • He loves dogs and rescued two from the shelter. To his chagrin, one chewed through his oak coffee table.
  • While on a trip to the Great Wall of China, Bryan met Jackie Chan.

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