Human Capital Strategy

Organizations must be strategic and agile with how they plan to utilize and grow their talent to ensure organizational readiness. GSX is a trusted partner in helping organizations optimize how their talent contributes to organizational performance and strategic objectives. Our 20-year history demonstrates our commitment to customizing human capital strategies for our clients to help them quickly and efficiently respond to changes that are impacting their workforce.

At GSX, we support our clients in the development and implementation of human capital strategies through change management consulting and a focus on organizational readiness using:

  • Risk and competency management
  • Process improvement
  • Workforce planning & analytics


The GSX methodology results in a human capital strategy that accounts for:

  • What is evolving in your industry and how your organization should adapt
  • Your organization’s policies, procedures, values and culture, and how they need to evolve to sustain organizational effectiveness
  • How technology is impacting (or expecting to impact) the way in which your organization functions and how your talent outlook is adapting as a result
  • What is impacting your workforce—both personally and professionally—and how your organization is adapting to accommodate their ever-evolving needs

Our methodology results in a human capital strategy that 1) monitors how changes are affecting the structure of work, and 2) evolves as needed to ensure your talent can continue to be successful.

We ensure a human capital strategy that is viable, feasible, and desirable by making decisions based on what your organization does to deliver value, how you deliver value, and who is giving and/or receiving the value of your organization’s services


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