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The GSX learning and development (L&D) strategy prioritizes the learner by incorporating elements of human-centered design into our practice. This transformative experience uses a learner-centric approach to minimize time to value creation as efficiently as possible. We design learning experiences with the end in mind to ensure your learning products can be successfully sustained and maintained over time.

Analysis: Identify the Problem

Are you solving for the right problems, at the right time, for the right people, and for the right reasons? This phase allows GSX to better understand project requirements and desired outcomes. We perform a front-end analysis to define the learner, capture their learning journey, and complete a needs assessment and/or needs analysis to identify learning gaps between the current state and desired future state.

Design, Develop, and Implement Learning Strategies and Solutions

Identify the people and skills associated with the problem

GSX utilizes learning experience design and process mapping to identify learning objectives and terminal learning outcomes. The resulting learning blueprint includes:

  • The assessment strategy. By beginning with the end in mind, we identify what types of knowledge checks and assessment techniques are most appropriate for evaluating learning.
  • Topic areas, which create an outline of the content to be covered in the learning product
  • Enabling learning objectives, which informs how the learning experience will be designed and what instructional design principles are most appropriate for designing and delivering the learning product
  • Success metrics and evaluation strategies to validate learning

Recommend learning strategies and implement solutions

This phase focuses on applying sound instructional design principles in the design, development, and delivery of the learning product. GSX uses agile project management principles to aid in the rapid development of learning products.

One of our differentiators here at GSX is that we are tool agnostic. We can provide uniquely tailored learning solutions and tools based on our clients’ needs and constraints.

Evaluate: Monitor for Change

Now more than ever, the L&D function must be able to predict and proactively respond to change at a rapid pace. The processes GSX uses in this phase indicate the readiness for change. We employ a back-end analysis that uses a holistic view of the learner and their learning journey, along with the results of the assessment and evaluation strategies, to validate the mastery of learning outcomes and the closing of learning gaps. We emphasize agility in monitoring for change, recognizing the criticality of maintaining and sustaining the learning continuum for your organization.


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