GSX believes credentialing and certification are critical components of your learning and development (L&D) and talent management strategies. We support our clients by applying over 20 years of experience in the design, development, implementation, and management of the following: 

  • Certification programs  
  • Assessment-based certificate (ABC) programs 
  • Microcredentials 
  • Certificate programs  
  • Badging strategies
  • Curricula  
  • Courses of study or training programs 
  • Accreditation strategies

Credentialing Review & Strategy 

Are you interested in adding credentialing solutions to your overall talent management strategy?  Do you need help determining which credentialing solutions are right for your organization?  GSX has been working alongside our clients as a trusted partner designing customized workforce and talent management strategies that result in the development of the right set of credentialing tools to optimize and leverage their talent.  Whether it is badging to recognize critical milestone achievements, certificate programs to validate learning, or fully accredited certification programs, we have the expertise required to support the professionalization of your workforce. 

Design, Develop, and Implement Credentialing Solutions

GSX has been supporting our clients with the design, development, and implementation of credentialing programs for over 20 years.  Whether conducting skills gap assessments or job task analyses, GSX starts by defining the professional and organizational standards by which your workforce should be measured.  Once defined, GSX uses those standards to develop best-in-class assessment tools to measure your workforce capability and performance.  After careful testing and evaluation, GSX will support the implementation of your new credentialing programs.

Manage, Maintain, and Update Credentialing Products

Credentialing programs don’t run themselves!  They require industry experts who understand the importance of ensuring the credentialing products and assessment tools remain current and relevant to their audience.  They need someone who can manage the day-to-day operations of registering candidates, delivering content and assessments, and supporting candidates with maintaining their credential(s).  Whether you need help managing your credentialing program, or updating your assessments to ensure they remain current, GSX has the qualified staff to support your program needs.


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