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In an era where there is intense pressure on associations, non-profits, private sector organizations, military and intelligence, and other government agencies to skill their workforces to meet the dynamics of the ever-changing technological landscape and become more resilient, GSX is often called in to address the impacts of technology and other disruptive factors to performance levels to develop a uniquely tailored solution to fit the need of an organization. These human capital and talent management solutions are designed to address the skills gaps and withstand the toughest scrutiny and optimize the skills of the workforce to maximize productivity, safety and abilities in the face of change with an agile, resilient, and appropriately skilled workforce.

GSX association and non-profit teams are committed to helping your organization achieve its own mission by applying GSX’s decades of expertise and innovative workforce and human performance strategies. Start a conversation with us today to find out how we can help your organization achieve its goals.

Featured Work in Associations and Non-Profits
Non-profit Educational Foundation Credentialing Program

GSX helped a non-profit educational foundation develop and operationalize a credentialing program for use both within the national security community and private industry sectors that embrace specific technologies.

Industry Credential Redevelopment

Partnering with a metalworking industry education organization, GSX helped redevelop of two machine maintenance credentials by providing facilitating the redevelopment process and ensuring the assessments were measuring the intended knowledge and skills while validating the reliability of the credentials.

Accredited Manufacturing Skill Programs

One of the largest industry-led, training, assessment, and certification organizations brought GSX in for expert guidance in the development of the standards, assessment, and curriculum for two manufacturing skill certification programs that focus on the core skills and knowledge needed for front-line logistics workers. GSX adhered to the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) requirements designated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Personnel Accreditation Standards. Both programs were accredited and deployed.

Post-Graduation Student Outcomes

GSX developed a career pathway framework and an evaluation model focused on post-graduation student outcomes with a state technical center that provides education and technical training to high school and adult students.

Association and Non-Profit Solutions

At GSX, we are looking for long-term partnerships with our clients. See how we’re helping organizations like yours.


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At GSX, we are looking for long-term partnerships with our clients. Hear how we’re helping organizations like yours.

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