Vance Parrish, PsyD

As a seasoned organizational and leadership psychologist, Vance brings extensive experience in consulting across multiple industries and a passion for qualitative and quantitative analysis with training and education to his role on the GSX psychometric team. As a psychometrician, Vance ensures the validation of certification assessments and prepares technical reports to demonstrate industry standards and compliance within NCCA accreditation standards. He also develops visual representations of data analysis for client deliverables in support of the defensibility of high stakes assessments.

As part of his core responsibilities, Vance facilitates meetings with Subject Matter Experts and thought leaders to support project needs as it pertains to test development, certification program development, and certification reporting. He makes client presentations, coordinates examination review committees, and provides solutions to client challenges.

Prior to joining GSX, Vance co-founded Feeding The Wolf, a consulting company focused on behavioral interventions and psychological principles to provide leadership training to organizations at both the individual and system level.

Vance is veteran of the U.S. Army and is a commissioned intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He has served in the Army as a HUMINT professional and team leader for the Operational Management Team at Fort Wainwright, AK. Additionally, Vance is a DoD certified interrogator and trained in military source operations. He has additional experience within the Defense Intelligence Agency as a joint intelligence HUMINT/Targeting Analyst. During his time in the military, Vance held several leadership positions and continues to be responsible for maintaining accountability of personnel and team organization with daily operations.

Vance has been working in the intelligence community for the last decade and gained extensive experience in counterintelligence analysis, targeting, identity intelligence, CBRNE sensitive materials collection and was considered a subject matter expert for foreign intelligence threat assessments at USCENTCOM. He has also been stationed in foreign overseas posts as an intelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Vance holds a PsyD in leadership and organizational psychology from William James College, a master’s in criminal justice public administration from Liberty University, and a B.A. in political science and pre-law from Purdue University. He is also certified in conducting the Kantor Baseline Instrument for addressing structural dynamics.

During his free time, Vance enjoys golfing, watching movies and reading a good psychology book. He also volunteers as the Head Golf coach for Highland in Warrenton, VA.

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