Iliah Burke, MPS
Program Analyst

Iliah is part of the program management and analytics team at GSX that serves both the public sector and private industry. Some of her core responsibilities include conducting job analyses on assessments, evaluating the resulting data, developing visual representations of analyses for deliverables, and assisting with the development, execution, and maintenance of certification programs to ensure compliance with industry standards and third-party accreditation standards. She supports multiple test development, certification program development, and certification reporting projects while assisting in the creation of learning, development, and educational programs. Iliah provides onsite and offsite certification program support.

Before GSX, Iliah was an associate to one of the Big 4 management consulting firms where she provided contract support to the U.S. Department of Defense and the intelligence community. She specialized in providing talent management support, workforce analyses, and pre-publication review services.

Iliah holds a master’s degree in industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology from The University of Maryland and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from George Mason University.

Iliah's X-Facts
  1. Going to Cultural and Art Museums
  2. Going to the Library
  3. Going to Live Music Events
  1. Listening to Music and Podcasts
  2. AMC & Regal Movie Tuesdays
  3. Going to DC parks in the spring
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