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Since GSX was founded, we have seen a paradigm shift in how education is delivered. Whether a college, university, trade school, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider, or K-12, the necessity for these institutions to contribute to building career-ready, resilient individuals that are prepared to make an impact upon joining the workforce has never been greater. They must embrace agility and develop learning experiences at the speed of change—a reality that will continue to impact every profession and competency requirement as we know it and dramatically accelerate the need to stay ahead of the learning curve.

GSX has a history of partnering with innovators in the education sector. Recognizing that learners acquire knowledge and skills through various contexts, we help educational institutions expand their capabilities in measuring and verifying what a learner knows and can do—and we go beyond the traditional scope of learning, acknowledging that skills training and competency development extends beyond the classroom. Our dynamic team of experts embraces the unique needs of these institutions and their diverse learners. We customize our learning, assessment, and evaluation strategies and solutions to ensure learning is validated and that learners can achieve what it means to be career ready in their particular field of study.

The focus of each GSX education team is to help your organization achieve its very own mission by applying GSX’s decades of expertise and innovative workforce and human performance strategies. Start a conversation with us today to find out how we can help your organization achieve its goals.

Featured Work in Educational Institutions
First-of-its-Kind Analysis

GSX compared secondary and post-secondary Career and Technical Education Outcome Standards of all 50 states to the Common Career Technical Core and the Career Ready Practices.

Performance Measures in Career Technical Education (CTE)

GSX partnered with a state agency to develop an array of skill and knowledge assessments in secondary career and technical education programs resulting in the definition of minimum performance measures of students who participate in CTE.

Alignment with the National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Skill Standards

GSX provided support to a statewide community college system by completing content alignment of their ICT learning offerings across all programs to the national ICT Skill Standards. Consistency and portability of credit was assured for the students.

Rapid Item Development for Online University

GSX managed a rapid item development effort for a nationally recognized and regionally accredited university. We developed thousands of custom selected response assessment items for their course catalog.

Educational Institution Solutions

At GSX, we are looking for long-term partnerships with our clients. See how we’re helping organizations like yours.


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At GSX, we are looking for long-term partnerships with our clients. Hear how we’re helping organizations like yours.

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