People are at the heart of everything you do — and everything we do, too.

Outcomes and solutions drive GSX. We recognize that organizations today must establish their framework and chart their course regarding credentialing and talent development. Doing so will give your organization the best opportunity to create order out of confusion.

We Are Global Skills X-Change

Built on decades of designing, maintaining, and managing accreditation programs and industry standards across 15 critical sectors of the U.S. economy, GSX serves industry, government, and credentialing organizations with the following key offerings:

A Methodology Designed for You

We champion skill standards that are unique to you, and critical for defining your workforce’s readiness and promoting talent development pathways that are most appropriate for your human capital strategy.

At GSX, we employ a fully customizable methodology to meet your needs, wants, budget, and constraints. We’ll help you become proactive in monitoring change and its impact on workforce readiness. We understand that change is a continuum, and your organization needs to stay ahead.

Our methodology can be scaled to meet our clients where they are. Our process can be executed in-person or virtually, synchronously or asynchronously. It starts with:

  1. Identify and address performance gaps and risks.
  2. Identify the people and skills needed to address the performance gaps and why these skills are critical.
  3. Design learning strategies and implement professional credentialing solutions that address those performance gaps.
  4. Introduce relevant credentials as confirmation of personal capability in crucial roles.
  5. Create a continuum to monitor, predict, and proactively prepare for workforce performance and readiness changes.

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We are well-known for how we approach our clients’ projects and deliver on our promises. We are looking for cleared Ph.D. and Masters-level talent to help us further our clients’ missions to new levels of success. Internship and subject matter experts (SMEs) opportunities are also available.

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