Talent Management

Organizational effectiveness requires a strategic approach to hiring, retaining, and developing your talent and hinges on having an agile and resilient learning and development (L&D) capability that can address the constantly shifting skilling gaps. GSX shifts the conversation of how to address the skilling gaps by focusing on the principles, practices, and procedures necessary to have an agile and resilient workforce.

The GSX methodology allows for continuous visibility into shifting skill requirements to be able to identify and address performance risks, such as:

  • What must people know and do to perform their jobs?
  • How are skills acquired and activated or enabled?
  • How do people demonstrate and signal the mastery of skills?
  • Where is skilling, upskilling, and/or reskilling needed and why?
  • What does “readiness” look like in the face of change?
  • How do you monitor for signals of change?
  • How does your L&D capability proactively respond to change?

At GSX, our approach to talent management is scalable, dynamic, and continuous. We can meet our clients where they are at and provide customized services across the talent management spectrum. Regardless of your need, our work helps you target the impact of change.


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