Slaton Lucero

Slaton provides support in the development of certification assessments and programs for government and commercial clients. He assists with data analysis and the creation of more efficient procedures for maintaining long-term analysis projects.

Slaton earned his Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Radford University. He attended Auburn University for his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Slaton served in the United States Air Force as a Nuclear Maintenance Technician. He is excited to be part of a veteran team and ready to use his own experience and skills to make a difference.

  • Slaton served as a Base Honor Guard member while stationed at Whiteman AFB and had the pleasure to perform over 80 veteran funeral ceremonies.
  • Prior to attending graduate school, Slaton managed a sushi restaurant which came with endless sushi, unfortunately, he is now unable to eat sushi.
  • Slaton plays the ukulele just well enough to play along with the songs he writes, and continues to have failed attempts at learning the guitar.
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