The U.S. Defense Intelligence Security Enterprise (DISE), other federal agencies, and private industry face ever-changing challenges related to addressing the skills gaps in the workforce.

Today, nobody is better positioned than GSX to deliver skilling, upskilling and reskilling solutions in an evolving workplace for an evolving, dynamic workforce.

Decades of experience throughout the Department of Defense (DoD), intelligence community, civilian government agencies, and private industry have leaders relying on us to equip their organizations and workforces with the credentialing tools, programs, and capabilities they need to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

The partnerships we form last decades because it’s more than a job to us—we commit to advancing our clients’ missions. We never provide off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions. We listen to your challenges and find the most cost-efficient and effective solutions for you. That’s why we’ve earned some of the highest client satisfaction scores in the industry.


Built on decades of designing, maintaining, and managing accreditation programs and industry standards across 15 critical sectors of the U.S. economy, GSX serves industry, government, and credentialing organizations with the following key offerings:


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We are well-known for how we approach our clients’ projects and deliver on our promises. We are looking for cleared Ph.D. and Masters-level talent to help us further our clients’ missions to new levels of success. Internship and subject matter experts (SMEs) opportunities are also available.

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