Donte Spinner

Donte is part of the data measurement, analytics, and psychometrics team at GSX that supports federal government and private industry workforce programs. Some of his core responsibilities include conducting job analyses on assessments, evaluating the resulting data, developing visual representations of analyses for deliverables, and assisting with the development, execution, and maintenance of certification programs to ensure compliance with industry standards and third-party accreditation standards. He supports multiple test development, certification program development, and certification reporting projects while assisting in the creation of learning, development, and educational programs.

As part of his core responsibilities, Donte provides certification subject matter expertise, guidance, and advice to government clients in support of their program activities. He oversees program tasks in direct support of the program managers, leads program strategic communications initiatives, and develops appropriate and compliant content for program documents, and websites.

Donte is a veteran of the U.S. Army and is currently serving as a Chief Warrant Officer 2, GEOINT Imagery Technician in the U.S. Army Reserve. During his 15+ years of military service, he has supported military operations in multiple theaters, including two combat deployments and assignments overseas.

Prior to GSX, Donte held various positions in geospatial intelligence, analytics, and management as a contractor supporting the U.S. Department of Defense. His primary duties included analyses involving counterterrorism, weapons of mass destruction counter-proliferation, and GEOINT tradecraft development while managing multi-disciplinary teams.

Donte holds his bachelor’s degree in finance from University of Phoenix and an associate degree in intelligence operations from Cochise College. He also achieved his GEOINT Professional Certifications in Fundamentals and Imagery Analysis Level II.

Donte's X-Facts
  1. American history and DC area history
  2. Action movies
  3. Bowling
  4. Dancing
  5. Working out
  1. EDM concerts
  2. Learning new skills
  3. Traveling
Favorite Websites
  1. Google News
  2. Spotify
  3. The Workout App
  4. Apple Fitness App
  5. Instagram
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