Deborah McClinton
Facility Security Officer

Deborah is responsible for the operational and programmatic security for a wide variety of programs and service contracts in addition to the execution of the Insider Threat Program. She manages security-related documentation, inspections, visitor control, contractor administration from a compliance standpoint, and personnel security on the employees. She is accountable for interpreting requirements, developing and implementing security programs (plans, procedures, and processes), and engaging Cognizant Security Agencies to ensure critical National Security Information is protected in accordance with policy and expectations.

Preceding GSX, Deborah worked as a facility security officer in the U.S. Department of Defense and the intelligence community (IC) where she coordinated with subcontractors, IC customers, and other government representatives on security issues and actions.

Deborah's X-Facts
  1. Road trips
  2. Assisting companies with their security programs
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