Chrissy Noel

Chrissy provides full time support at the client site. She represents GSX as the senior psychometrician as well as assisting in certification development, maintenance, and accreditation. For her previous client, Chrissy developed agency-wide competency frameworks and career path guides.

Chrissy graduated from Radford University with her Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She interned for GSX in 2008. Before returning as an employee, Chrissy served as an Assessment Consultant for three years.

  • She married her husband, Patrick, in 2019 and welcomed a baby girl in May of 2020!
  • She is a die-hard Steelers fan and anything Pittsburgh, for that matter.
  • All she needs in her life is her family, friends, dog Cooper, a cup of coffee, and a tropical destination.
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