Credentialing Insights: Increasing Our Value to the Professions We Serve

Jasmine Rockett, Director of POCUS Certification Academy at Inteleos, is joined by Dave Wilcox, President & CEO, and Bill West, EVP of Business Development, both at Global Skills X-Change (GSX), to discuss “Increasing Our Value to the Professions We Serve.” Featured in Credentialing Insights, the online journal for the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.).

Credentialing agencies are often faced with challenges in communicating the value of their certification programs to employers and industry professionals. Traditional certification models face threats from rapidly changing workforce needs, demand for ongoing professional development, and industry pressure for return-on-investment (ROI) information. There are ways to address these challenges, such as assessment-based certificates (ABCs) or micro-credentials. However, the issue is centered more around optimizing the value of certifications with a focus on risk mitigation and enterprise performance. Credentialing bodies can enhance value by meeting the specialized needs of employers and offering “mass customized” certification options. By providing additional value-added services and contextualizing certification standards they can retain employer interest and expand their reach.

At the core of this article is on the need for credentialing agencies to focus on providing value to their stakeholders and adapting to the changing needs of the professions they serve.

  • Challenges facing credentialing agencies in emphasizing the value of certifications to employers.
  • The opportunity for credentialing organizations to increase their value through various models and approaches.
  • The importance of defining and optimizing the value of certification in the complex certification industry.
  • Strategies for increasing value, including meeting specialized employer needs and mass-customization.
  • A case study of the POCUS Certification Academy demonstrating the successful transformation of a certification program to better meet stakeholder needs and create value.

To review the complete Increasing Our Value to the Professions We Serve article, or more information about the authors, please visit Credentialing Insights.

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