Bill West and Dave Wilcox are Featured in Credentialing Insights

Dave Wilcox, President & CEO of Global Skills X-Change (GSX), and Bill West, EVP of Business Development at GSX, joined the CEO of Inteleos, Dale Cyr, to co-author one of the latest additions to Credentialing Insights, the online journal for the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.). In this feature article, they share their perspectives regarding Future-proofing Certification.

  • Critical Challenges for the Certification Industry
  • Providing Exceptional Value in an Environment of Continuous Change
  • Opportunities for Certification to Thrive
  • Action to Future-Proof Certifications and Increase Value

For the complete Future-proofing Certification article, or more information about the authors,  please visit Credentialing Insights.

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