Credentialing Insights: Improving the Candidate Experience

Featured in Credentialing Insights, the online journal for the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.)., Johnna Brewer Gueorguieva, Sr. Psychometrician and Director of Assessments at Dental Assisting National Board, and Nicholas Soto, VP of Professional Development at the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), are joined by Bill West, EVP of Business Development at Global Skills X-Change (GSX), to discuss Improving the Candidate Experience.

Securing exams and adhering to accreditation standards to ensure quality are essential for protecting exam validity, ensuring legal defensibility and maintaining an organization’s brand and intellectual property. However, do candidates care about exam security? A small percentage of them do and may also understand and appreciate that security is key to protecting brands and intellectual property, but most candidates’ opinions of the credential — and the likelihood of maintaining the certification — are often tied to other factors.

  • Common Frustrations from Candidates
  • Risks of Candidate Frustrations
  • Alleviating Candidate Stress and Roadblocks
  • Improving the Exam Experience
  • Keeping the Credential Top of Mind

To review the complete Improving the Candidate Experience article, or more information about the authors, please visit Credentialing Insights.

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