Seth Thompson

Seth supports GSX and its clients by building and managing assessment and certification programs as well as leading workshops, building surveys, designing presentations, writing and reviewing accreditation packages, assisting in the development of skill standards and advising on governance issues.

Prior to joining GSX, Seth worked in the Program Management Office for the Certified Collection Management Professional (CCMP) program. He was responsible for assisting candidates in the registration and testing process, proctoring exams, corresponding with certificants and assisting them through the recertification process, and maintaining the candidate management database for the program.

Seth also spent six and half years in the United States Army as a Human Intelligence Specialist where he had two deployments in Iraq (totaling 27 months) and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

  • In high school, Seth got to be the co-pilot on a class trip and flew the plane (without a license) while the real pilot took a nap.
  • In college, Seth was awarded a wrestling scholarship, but was also the president of the Chess club.
  • Seth manages and is the pitcher for a co-ed softball team that plays in Fairfax on Sunday nights, and we are always recruiting!

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