A New Era for Global Skills X-Change

Welcome to the new era of Global Skills X-Change (GSX)! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the rebranded GSX and its new domain name as we mark the company’s 20th year in business – www.gsxcorp.com.

Founded in 2003, GSX is a veteran-owned business that has become a leading authority in equipping organizations with the credentialing strategies and learning solutions needed for their workforces to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

“When it comes to the evolution of our solutions, products, people, and values, GSX has always helped other organizations adapt to disruptors to their workforces to ensure mission readiness and resilience,” says David Wilcox, President & CEO. “We will continue to do so through the high-quality of service we are known for in the credentialing industry while serving organizations who need our expanded capabilities.”

Here is what you can expect now that www.gsxcorp.com has launched:

  • Emails you send to @skillsdmo.com email addresses will automatically forward to the intended GSX recipient.
  • Emails you receive from GSX staff will come from our new gsxcorp.com addresses
  • All hyperlinks pointing to skillsdmo.com will be redirected to gsxcorp.com.

You will want to:

  • Add gsxcorp.com to your whitelist to ensure you continue to receive message from us.
  • Update your bookmark to the GSX website.
  • Update your contacts for GSX staff.

We invite you to explore the new www.gsxcorp.com to learn more about the GSX story, its expanded capabilities, and how we dive deeper into your organization’s underlying workforce challenges to deliver the extraordinary solutions GSX is known to provide.

Media Contact

Kevin Edwards ⋅ (703) 653-0596media@gsxcorp.com