Michael McGraw, MA

Michael is part of the program management and analytics team at GSX that is responsible for workforce programs with both the public sector and private industry. His role involves a significant level of interaction with clients, managing complex projects, and driving internal initiatives aimed at operational efficiency and proposal development. Michael focuses on leading technical procedures that support test development, competency mapping, and workforce development while engaging stakeholders with strategic-level guidance in industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology, data, and psychometrics. He assists with the training of junior staff and contributes to internal innovation and talent initiatives.

In 2021, Michael began his career with GSX as an analyst where he provided support to the development, execution, and maintenance of certification programs. He has since worked with commercial, non-profit, higher education, and federal clients to solve workforce and organizational challenges. He assisted with internal talent development and operating procedure initiatives, including developing a 3-stage multiple hurdle standardized selection process for the analyst position. Portions of the selection initiative were implemented as part of standard internal hiring practices. Michael received a promotion in 2023 to a consultant.

Before joining GSX, Michael served as a graduate research fellow with the U.S. Army Research Institute (ARI) for the Behavioral and Social Sciences where he assisted with an ARI research grant aimed at facilitating Army officer leadership development and effectiveness.

Michael holds a master’s degree in industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology from George Mason University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from La Salle University. He has also achieved the Kirkpatrick Bronze-Level certification and the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.) Credentialing Specialist certification.

Michael's X-Facts
  1. Sports
  2. Food
  3. Space
  4. History
  5. Cars
  1. Working out
  2. Reading
  3. Spending time with friends
  4. Farmer’s markets
  5. Trash TV
Favorite Websites
  1. Wordle
  2. ChatGPT
  3. YouTube
  4. Reddit
  5. gsxcorp.com
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