2nd International Symposium on Insider Threat Mitigation

Global Skills X-Change (GSX) will be co-exhibiting at the 2nd International Symposium on Insider Threat Mitigation in Brussels, Belgium from March 5-7, 2024 with the University of Maryland (UMD) Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence & Security (ARLIS)!

The Symposium on Insider Threat Mitigation will provide a combination of solutions-focused presentations, case studies, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and interactive activities. To that end, there will also be the exchanging of ideas, perspectives, and challenges to detect, deter, mitigate, and respond to insider risks while exploring the impacts of emerging technologies on insider threat mitigation capabilities and policies.

Caitlyn Foley, who is a technical director with GSX, will be in the exhibit hall with Steve Sin, Ph.D., the Director of Unconventional Weapons & Technology Division at ARLIS, to discuss the Global Counter-Insider Threat Professional (GCITP) Certification Program. Be sure to stop by the booth!

Additionally, Steve Sin, Ph.D., will be participating with other industry and academic professionals during the following live sessions:

Wednesday, March 6

Post-Pandemic Challenges; Current State of Practice

  • 1115 – 1215  AI, Machine Learning, and the Cyber-Insider Nexus
    Steve Sin, Ph.D., Shannon Eggers, Mark Fabro, Jessica Baweja, Frank Greitzer, and Renaat Verschraeghen
    “Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to enhance information systems security. They can also be used to create sophisticated attacks that evade detection. Presenters will share current research to explore the risks and rewards of emerging tech on insider threat mitigation.”

Thursday, March 7

Over the Horizon Threats and Solutions; Evolving the Community of Practice

  • 1400 – 1445  Academic Programs & Research Initiatives on Insider Threat Mitigation
    Steve Sin, Ph.D., Jason Harris, Kristin Schneider, Alpana Goel, and Ross Peel
    “Panelists from academia and research institutes will reflect on general theories underlying insider risk and threat, educational programs on the topic, and nascent areas of research.”

To register for the event or attend any of the available sessions, click here to visit the official symposium site.  We hope to see you in Belgium!

Media Contact

Kevin Edwards ⋅ (703) 653-0596media@gsxcorp.com